About Clodagh Swanson

My Purpose

“To empower people to develop their self-confidence and self-belief to successfully change their lives”

I am passionate about helping individuals and organisations achieve greatness in all that they do, find their true strength and courage to live the best life they can and achieve their real potential.

I have spent 20 years training myself so that I can support you in achieving your goals.

Business and Personal Coaching
  • Diploma in Management Irish Management Institute 2014
  • Diploma in Management UCC 2014
  • Diploma in Leadership Irish Management Institute 2012
  • Diploma in Leadership UCC 2012
  • BA In Training and Education NUI Galway 2004
  • Diploma in Career Coaching ILI Dublin 2011
  • Diploma Life and Business Coaching ILI Dublin 2010
  • FETAC Diploma in Coaching 2010
  • ILM Diploma in Coaching 2010
  • Diploma in Psychometric Testing July 2010
  • Diploma in NLP 2010
  • Diploma in Training and Education NUI Galway 2002
  • Cert Ed NUI Galway 2001
  • Diploma in World Class Standards 2003
  • Diploma in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations ICM
  • 23 International qualifications in Holistic Health and Aesthetics
  • International Coaching Federation- 2015 President
  • Member of the British Psychological Society.

The Mission of Clodagh Swanson Coaching

Mission – “We will provide excellent training and coaching solutions to our clients that shall exceed their expectations”.


Our aim at Clodagh Swanson Coaching is to help people to gain maximum achievement in both their personal and professional life. We do this by helping clients to find their own solutions to be empowered and to achieve all they can achieve. They will be challenged and pushed to their limits. They will venture out of their comfort zone and into the realm of super achievement. We have built a strategic alliance with a team of highly skilled and credentialed ICF coaches.

We work to the highest standards while ensuring clients are treated with the empathy, support and encouragement needed for personal and organisational success.
A Different Approach


Integrity and Honesty

  • We will always aim for the highest standards in all we do.
  • Our results will be authentic and merited.
  • We acknowledge the trust placed in us.
  • We are honest and truthful with ourselves and others at all times.


  • We will respect ourselves and our position within our organization.
  • We will treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • We will earn respect by being positive role models for participants and clients.
  • We will lead by example, and our example will be known for and wide as one of excellence.

Education and Training

  • We are passionate about learning new skills and knowledge.
  • We have a burning desire to share our knowledge with those around us.

We value education and strive to continue to grow as individuals and as an organization.

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