Diploma in Executive Business Coaching

Aim: This course provides the core coach training plus the additional business training to enable you to work as an executive or business coach.
Executive Business Coaching
Part A
  • Core Competencies.
  • Definitions of coaching
  • Contracting
  • Listening Skills
  • Building rapport
  • Goal Setting
  • Accountability
  • Feedback
  • Building a coaching business
  • Basic business skills – marketing, advertising, PR and Sales.

A central part of this diploma the student undertakes peer coaching triads and pro bono coaching to build experience. They also undertake 10 hours coach mentoring.

Each unit will consist of a learning log and unit assignment.

Part B

  • Understanding leadership
  • Leadership v Management
  • Teams
  • Motivation
  • Strategy
  • Culture
  • Marketing, Advertising, Sales and PR

This unit aims to provide a grounding in business functions that the coach may need. By having a firm knowledge of the above the coach can facilitate clarity in those areas. This section would also suit those individuals working as business mentors.

Executive Business Coaching

Pro Bono sessions form part of this unit.  As does coach mentoring on your coaching skills.  You will be expected to work with a business or business executive and write a case study of your reflective practice.  Each unit of the Diploma in Executive Business Coaching will consist of a learning log and a unit assignment.

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