Health and Fitness – Personal Training

We offer health and fitness coaching for any individual or group of individuals who need to improve performance levels, both on a mental and physical level.

Diet and Nutrition

Clodagh Swanson

Diet and Nutrition

Clodagh Swanson holds the
International Therapy Examination Council Diploma in Personal Training

International Therapy Examination Council Diploma in Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

Learn the importance of healthy nutritious diet to keep you in top condition and fit for purpose.

Fitness Training

Fitness Assessment & Training

One to One Assessment and Training from our Qualified Professionals

Fitness Training Assessment

Clodagh Swanson

Fitness Assessment & Training

We will undertake a complete fitness assessment and design a tailor made fitness and nutrition plan to help and support you on your fitness journey.

Clodagh Swanson

Personal Training

We offer health and fitness coaching for any individual or group of individuals who need to improve performance levels, both on a mental and physical level.

We shall take you to the gym and work with you one to one on your fitness plan

Man Working out at the GYM Under Super vision

Personal Training

Personal Training to help you stay on target and stay at the top of your game

Remote Coaching by Phone or Online

We will check in with you regularly to help you stay on track.

Online Phone Check-in and Support

Clodagh Swanson

Remote Coaching and Support

We will be available on line and by phone for coaching sessions and check in with you to ensure you are on track.

Improve Your Mental and Physical Fitness Levels

A proper diet and regular fitness plan will not only add potentially ten years to your life it will do the following-

  • Improve physical strength and mental strength
  • Improve overall mental wellness
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Has been proven to reduce diabetes and obesity-related illness
  • Reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Improve the immune system

Using the most up to date knowledge and technology we will help you change your life in a matter of weeks.  Using diet, cardio and resistance training.  You will be pushed and you will achieve because we know you can do it and we will be with you every step of the way.

We have a team of personal trainers who work with us as associates.

Fitness programs for

  • Weight management and body transformation
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Improve general fitness levels and ability

Fit for Purpose

  • Do you need to be fit for your purpose as a business owner, executive or corporate high flyer??
  • Do you need more energy and the ability to perform at a higher standard?
  • Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Our Fit for Purpose Program is Just for You.

How this works!!

  • We will review every aspect of your life
  • Health and fitness
  • Life style

Work practices and routines

Decide on a plan to help you manage your life and hence your performance much more effectively using fitness and health as the core of all you do.

Fitness will allow you to perform your daily tasks with more energy and vitality.  You will be both mentally and physically stronger.

  • Fitness will add ten years to your life.
  • Your will have more clarity
  • More memory retention and more focus
  • We will help you in all areas
  • We will physically go to the gym with you.

Then once you are running at your optimum best we will focus on your organisation your business.

We will undertake a full business review.  What is working and what needs to change. 

Design a strategy for moving forward and really driving your business to achieve outstanding results

Our fit for purpose program will change everything you do!

Diploma in Coaching

This course aims to provide the learner with the core coaching principles and theories. It is suitable for all industries and is a prerequisite for the diploma in business coaching.

Executive Business Coaching

This course provides the core coach training plus the additional business training to enable you to work as an executive or business coach.

High Performance Teams​

This High Performance Teams course will discuss the role of teams, how they function. What happens when they are dysfunctional and how to...

Developing Leadership

The role of leadership and its impact on the culture and the organisation. Understanding leadership styles. Developing your leadership skills.

Business Basics for Coaches

Business coaching and Life coaching are becoming a very important part of the lives of many people today. Provides an overview of the key business functions.